Custom software and guidance as custom as your business.

You opened your small business to serve a unique need in your community. Your software needs are just as unique. How unique? Odds are we can’t tell you, but you could tell us. By exploring and understanding your operations, we can help you identify ways to help your organization.

Many small business owners have asked, “Is there a way to create a tool that does, X?” and the answer is yes more regularly than you would think. Having an expert that can help you connect the dots can breathe new life into your small business.

Now, we don’t believe that the machines are taking over the world. But we believe that understanding how the tools you use can help you manage the many data points you collect every day about your business. And once you understand the data at your disposal, you have more opportunities to sustain if not improve your overall business.

Making custom software development attainable.

At 40,000 feet, the process looks very similar to this.

Understanding the problem and proposing solutions.

We can help you find solutions to complex problems. For example: You are using SalesForce to manage your customer relations, but a separate tool for accounting. You want to have the two of them talk to each other, reducing redundancy between two departments and data-entry errors. A solution - Research of the APIs of both products could be the most economical and effective solution. 

Define all your widgets and buckets.

Looking at what you or team are working with (widgets) to get the job done allows us to design the proper solutions. We also look at where the information/data (buckets) lives to find connections or optimizations that can further advance your results.

Prioritize the needs and the scope.

Separating must-haves and nice to-have helps you to maintain your budget and have a timely launch. We must understand and agree on the importance of each component added or taken away before writing the first line of code. This part of the plan requires discipline and can make or break a software project. 

Test the functionality and launch. 

Testing is just like a pre-flight check. We must make sure that we stress tested the final product so that when it is in the wild, it performs as expected. Once launched and you are saving time and money, you can spend those resources elsewhere.

Having a solid web presence doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

Building a custom site is your best bet in showing the world your business’s unique personality. If you have ever bought a theme, you may have also noticed that getting the right look is not as “easy” as presented. The best approach is to build a site that fits your vision.

Selecting the platform or the tools for your website today is more complicated than ever. Between the continuing evolution of HTML 5 and the wealth of tools available, there are many ways to build your next website. While WordPress still powers a large percentage of sites, it may not be the right fit for a lot of modern sites. With the right advice, you can make the right choice for your business without breaking the bank.

Understanding the complexity of what services charge you will improve your ROI. These charges can really add up for things that don’t need to cost anything or, even better yet, an arm and a leg. Being able to decipher the real value in price lists will help you build the most effective online presence.

How we help you with launching your site.

Our process will cover all the bases and deliver a product that you are proud to represent your business.

Understanding your vision.

Making sure that we “get it” and deliver the site you are looking for the first time is important. Our first meeting will help clarify what you are looking for and develop ways to implement your ideas into the development process.

Sketch it out.

Understanding how your site will look is the next step. This is where we turn the ideas we agreed upon into a visualization of your site. Although we try to hit a home run each time, we will make revisions to ensure that the final product is everything you are looking for. 

Create your custom design.

With being one step closer to the final product, we will begin putting it all together, with a little twist. Since we use the mockups to guide the design, we will also create a test site for you to explore and approve before moving on. 

Launch your site. 

Whether you have decided on WordPress or a SSG (static site/static site generator), we will help you get everything configured for your launch. We have experience in standing up sites in many environments, so we can meet your deadline.


People that have worked with Aeriform love us! Take a look at what they have to say.

Several months ago, I tried to build and launch my website multiple times. While I succeeded in taking my site live, I could not get the results I was looking for. There are so many platforms to choose from, and so many templates, but none that quite fit what I was looking for. With very little knowledge or patience I became overwhelmed. I reached out to Aeriform about my vision, and I was impressed with the knowledge of my developer, Andre. Not only did he take the time to identify the best hosting options for me, he developed my site from scratch. I am in the process of rebranding so as I am ready to reintroduce my services, I will be coming back to Aeriform to expand my site!

All Things Brittany Jay

B. Jackson

We developed a great partnership with Aeriform. Their dedication to our website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to helping us bring our vision to life online.

Store 4 U review

Store 4 U 

Founders - Store 4 U, LLC Storage Solutions

What I appreciate the most about working with Andre from Aeriform is not only the finished product of my website but his customer service. When I first presented my request to him, I had limited direction on how I wanted my site to look. The only thing I was certain of was that I wanted it to look professional because those are the types of clients I want to attract and serve. I am amazed and grateful at how he was able to understand my vision and help me take it to the next level. He was patient, he provided a lot of valuable feedback, and he didn't rush the job. To top that, I explained how I desired to set my HR consultancy apart from my local competitors and we put our heads together to customize a feature that would benefit small businesses. He is truly a pro and that is why I will continue to use Aeriform, and recommend them to others. It's not just about the money for them, it's about results and customer satisfaction. 

Building Stronger Teams

Founder - Building Stronger Teams, LLC

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